About Us

Thinking Kids is an initiative ofblOOturtle Publishing, the environmentally friendly children’s book publisher based in Germany.

The blOO staff and our book heroes decided together to take a closer look at BLOO’s motto “Thinking Kids – Thinking Planet”. Together, we want to create a page that stands for children and their future.

In doing so, we search the web and news for topics that are relevant to our discretion and that we process here. We want to create an environmentally “fair” page that informs, motivates and activates.

Meanwhile, we are also building an industry directory for eco-friendly products. If you have any information about companies, organizations or products that fits in with our concept, feel free to send us an email for inclusion:businessdirectory@thinking-kids.com

Please feel free to send us an email if you need more information or have some comments. Many Thanks!

blOO von blOOturtle Publishing


General: THINking kids

blOO is the Co-founder of blOOturtle Publishing. With his motto “Thinking Kids – Thinking Planet”, it has laid the foundation for the environmentally friendly children’s book publishing. With the blog and business directory Thinking Kids blOO publishes everything that is important to him.



Willow wants to become a pilot, as does Amelia Earhart and the whole world. Here she talks about (women’s) heroes, travels and their personal dream ideas related to children and their future.



The sea and overfishing

Hamish is an avid fish fan. Already out of self-interest, he researches about topics related to his pets – seas, overfishing and how we can do it again, so that Hamish can bite full tomorrow 😉 His favorite saying is “Feeling Fishy Today?”



Climate change and future technologies

Since Darcy flew to the dinosaurs with a time machine, Darcy wants to know all about the fate of the giant lizards. Was it climate change blame? And can something like this happen again? And will he someday be able to enter a second time machine?

Die Rose



“You’re right, just like me.” The Red firmly believes in the power of diversity, because only in this way life becomes colorful. With her, we learn about the progress made in protecting biodiversity.




Against all odds, the clumsy monkey has become a ballerina (o). He also uses this determination to protect his environment and informs readers about topics such as deforestation, rainforest and species conservation.