Eco-friendly at school

“Green lifestyle” starts at School

It is obvious that a lot has to be done for our future – for our kids. The climate change is here and we are still discussing about what we could do. But it has to start now, right now.

We wish our kids an improved life…why not giving them a future to believe in, to live in?

And we at Thinking Kids – Thinking Planet! agree that we should teach our kids becoming consicious and responsible right from the beginning. Why not start at school like the teacher Latha Narasimhan at Sharjah Indian School in this article here?

“The mindset to be a part of the environment starts with a development of love for nature, therefore opportunities to spend time with nature needs to be provided by the school apart from visits to museums and amusement parks. Spontaneous involvement works better in the long run and it should not be merely for competition or an award-winning exercise,” Narasimhan said.

There are a few schools like this school, The Millennium School in Dubai, The Winchester School in Jebel Ali or The Fairgreen International School who make the environmental responsibility a serious matter for students and teachers alike. – Very good to know, but also pretty sad that this is not integrated everywhere – after all what do we need the other classes if we don’t have a future?

Here are some tips of what we can be done everywhere at school:

  • Reducing lunch waste
  • Keeping the classroom and the school’s surroundings clean
  • Cutting down on the use of paper
  • Printing out files only when necessary
  • Turning fans and lights off when not in use
  • Growing at least one plant in school or at home
  • Going on nature trips with the class and the school
  • Participating in eco-friendly drives like clean-ups
  • Making recycling and waste segregation a habit
  • Joining awareness initiatives like poster-making and workshops
  • Signing up for a club that focuses on protecting the environment
Let’s start!

Here is the whole article to be found >>

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