What is Thinking Kids?

„trOOblOO – Thinking Kids, Thinking Planet“ is a label introduced by the eco-friendly kids book publishing company blOOturtle Publishing. It is used on books which are produced on the highest standards of eco-friendly book production which includes but is not limited to 100% recycled paper, vegan ink, green energy and climate neutral production. For every new book production, blOOturtle makes sure to be updated to the new developments in this field to stay on the track of the highest standards.

This site is devoted to this label.

Since blOOturtles’ dream is to provide two things for our kids – knowledge and a healthy planet -, it also want to share it, show it, live it with you. We are parents and children who have the same thoughts and worries like you (apart from selling some nice books as well and living out of it): how to get this good old’ planet healthy again.

This is why we search, look into, read, share, question and list all the information worth it (in our eyes) on this site.

We hope that you like it, follow it, share it – and hopefully – question it!


How do we get the information?

All the information is available for everybody, but hand-picked by the Thinking Kids crew. We hope that we find enough interesting and inspiring and honest stories to get you and us motivated to follow the „good way“. Of course, we can’t guarantee that everything is real as we just share what we read ourselves (or think about).

But please be a part of our little team and send us everything you know about eco-friendly products and ways related to kids and family. Even the smallest thing is welcomed – because its all about the small things which will change the world!


Who is the Thinking Kids crew?

The Thinking Kids team is Nicki Ganaye and blOO, the founders of blOOturtle publishing, and the book characters who come to live here… …and all the networks around them and their family.


Who gets in the business directory?

In the moment, the Thinking Kids crew just adds businesses, products or ideas in the business directory which they find it valuable. Of course, you can ask to submit a product, business or idea, and the blOO crew will follow it up.

For the moment the entry is free.


How to get in contact with Thinking Kids?

Please tell us everything you want to – if its related to our environment and/or our kids. You can emails us on: info@thinking-kids.com

Or leave a message / comment on Facebook