Fair trees Weihnachtsbäume

Echter Weihnachtsbaum – aber fair!

The tingling in the stomach – the door opens! Inside everything shines in the dim candlelight, the smell of wax and fir sticks in your nose, and there he stands: the Christmas tree. Beautifully decorated and of course with the exciting gifts underneath … for a moment the world is perfect!

Although we know better, it is difficult not to construct this perfect world for our children. Of course we should go the sustainable way, and remove the fir from our Christmas. Fortunately, if you can not, there is now the Danish “Fair Trees” initiative.

Fair Tree is fair trade for Christmas trees that are sold throughout Europe. “By purchasing a Fair Trees Christmas tree, you will promote education, health and development of the local population in Georgia, one of the poorest countries in Europe and the source of the Christmas tree seed.”

  • Fair Trees improves the working conditions of Georgian cone pickers. You get a reasonable wage and climbing equipment to the highest EU standard.
  • Fair Trees ensures sustainable production at all stages – from organic seeds to the environmentally friendly cultivation of the Christmas tree.
  • Fair Trees contributes to improving local living conditions in Georgia. Fair Trees is your personal guarantee for a Christmas tree that has been produced fairly towards the environment and people.
  • Every time a Fair Trees® Christmas tree is sold, a new Christmas tree from the organic seed Fair Seeds is replanted.
    In addition, for seeds and Christmas trees, a contribution to the Fair Trees Fund Foundation, which supports the development of the local community.

Unfortunately, the concept does not seem to have spoken around, as you can find just 8 traders in your list of dealers here. Fortunately, however, toom jumped on the train, and practically supplies the entire federal territory. In addition to the Fair Tree and ProPlanet label, toom promises: “For each sold Nordmann fir, a new Fair Trees tree will be planted, with a particular focus on protecting the wildlife by agreeing specific pesticide requirements with our suppliers that go beyond the legal requirements. ” (compare toom Fair Tree Christmas Trees)

I have now contacted Fair Trees to find out where to buy trees all over Europe and will then update the article.

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