Atlantic salmon is the fish of the year 2019

Atlantic salmon becomes fish of the year 2019

Now, the endangered “Salmo Salar” has been named Fish of the Year 2019 by the German Fishing Association (DAFV), the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) and the Association of German Scuba Divers (VDST).

As a demanding migratory fish it has become increasingly difficult for him to keep up his hiking trails through rivers like the Rhine and the Elbe. However, pollution from sewage and technical upgrading blocked the trails. Since the 1990s, a resettlement program has been established and has been bearing some fruit since 2000, making some roads passable again. But much still needs to be done …

Salmon, like trout, belong to the salmonid family (salmonid fish). They are so-called anadromous fish that begin their life in fresh water when juveniles then seek their way into the oceans to return to their birthplace in fresh water as sexually mature and adult animals to spawn there. On their migrations, salmon are able to jump up to 2 m high obstacles. Atlantic salmon become 60 to 100 cm long and weigh 3 to 15 kg, whereby individual specimens can become larger and heavier. (See “Der Atlantische Lachs ist Fisch des Jahres 2019”)

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