Peel Saver - the environmentally friendly packaging made of potato peels

And if french fries become the packaging model of the future?

French fries is probably one of the world’s most popular foods. Screamed as unhealthy, they are not so much at the correct preparation with 3% fat content (see here). In addition, they are also one of the best-selling frozen food products.

But what is left in the production: the bowls!

And what else is left: packaging waste!

Unnecessary! The Italian students Simone Caronni, Pietro Gaeli, Paolo Stefano Gentile have thought this over and have unhesitatingly designed the “Peel Saver” packaging: a packaging made from 100% waste products and 100% biodegradable after use!

Class for all short-lived applications such. for the fries on the road, whose packaging is often difficult to recycle.

 “The potato peel is made up of starches and fibers components, which after maceration and natural drying, acquire the ability to bond with each other and harden. The obtained material is completely made of production waste and is 100% biodegradable. After being used, the packaging can be usefully re-inserted in the biological cycle becoming animal food or fertilizer for plants.”, explain the italien inventors, “Packaging of the world”.

What a great idea!

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